Ergonomic shovel (2 buckets)

Removing snow and moving the bulk materials may turn in quite a trouble for our back, giving us back pain, fatigue, and frequent spinal injuries. With Ergonomic Tornado shovel there are no risks and inconveniences. It is the one and only tool of this kind.
All the advantages of the ergonomic Tornado shovel have already been appreciated by many people that suffer from chronic back problems.
Thanks to a specially designed curved handle that allows you to keep the back straight while working, it was possible to remove the load from your back. The load is distributed evenly among all the other body muscles. Using our tool at home increases your productivity and reduces the risks of damage to your back and spine.


  • Ergonomic patented handle
  • Possibility to adjust the handle according to the length of the forearm
  • Bend free. No pressure and load on the back
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced labor costs


The handle of the tool is made of lightweight steel pipe. It was designed to repeat anatomical features of a human body to avoid bending and distribute the load evenly across many muscle groups.

There’s an additional handle for more comfortable usage. It can be adjusted in two positions, depending on the length of the forearm, providing maximum comfort.

The shovel set is completed by two replaceable buckets: plastic and metal ones, ergonomic handle, and two plastic handles for a handgrip.

The plastic bucket for snow removal is made of high strength material and can withstand a load of 2500 kg.

The ergonomic TORNADICA shovel in action

Tornadica Advantages


The main feature of Tornadica tools is its uniqueness. Tool design allows evenly distributing the load on hands, back, shoulders and legs.


Each Tornadica tool is manufactured manually using high-strength metal ensuring high quality and reliability.

Subsoil Tillage

The key principle of working with Tornadica tools is subsoil tillage not disturbing the soil structure.


Gross weight
3.5 kg
Package size
89х42х11 cm
Supplier Code
EAN 13 Code

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