Tornadica Lever for Hand Cultivator

This product is an option for a Tornadica Hand Cultivator.
Is used as an "assistant" in the processing of hard, clay or thickly overgrown grass soils.
It is mounted on the lower part of the hand cultivator and works like a "pedal". Pressing with foot on the lever, it is exists easier to extract tornado cultivator teeth from the soil. Remove the feet, and the lever, thanks to the spring, returns to its original position.
It is sold separately from the cultivator.

Tornadica Advantages


The main feature of Tornadica tools is its uniqueness. Tool design allows evenly distributing the load on hands, back, shoulders and legs.


Each Tornadica tool is manufactured manually using high-strength metal ensuring high quality and reliability.

Subsoil Tillage

The key principle of working with Tornadica tools is subsoil tillage not disturbing the soil structure.


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