Tornadica Mini hand cultivator

Tornadica mini cultivator was designed for people who like to work in their garden: grow and take care of flowers, shrubs, ornamental plants and vegetables in the beds.
The mini cultivator will help you to do all the related work: to cultivate and safely plow through small areas or between rows, densely planted seedlings and young plants, or anywhere where it is difficult or undesirable to work with a chopper or a shovel. Make holes before planting flowers quickly and without bending.
The mini cultivator is very easy to work with because only one hand is engaged. It’s also very light, only 700 grams.
You can effectively perform many tasks in the garden, flower bed, greenhouse and at the same time improve soil health. After using the tool, the soil becomes fluffy, well saturated with air and moisture in the beds of favorite plants.
You will not only save time but also get a lot of pleasure from using this amazing tool.


  1. Better result than using a traditional tool such as a shovel or a choppers.
  2. One-hand friendly, no bending needed
  3. Time for processing the site is reduced by 4 times
  4. All microelements remain in the soil, thus the fertile layer is not disturbed
  5. Hand-forged working part guarantees long durability
  6. Subsoil tillage:
    • Preservation and growth of organic microelements in the upper fertile layer of the soil;
    • Reduction of labor costs in the process of growing plants;
    • Increase in the biological activity of the soil and fertility due to a decrease in wind and water erosion;
    • Getting an environment-friendly and safe harvest;
  7. The cultivator received the diploma of the “100 best goods of Russia».


Tornado mini-cultivator has 4 spiral-shaped teeth on an arm. The handle is made of light-weight steel that has a special curve, allowing to easily rotate the tool 360 degrees for the more convenient making of planting holes. The handle length can be adjusted in two positions according to user’s height. The tool is hand-forged and made of high-quality structural carbon steel. The diameter of the working body is 9 cm.

Hand Tornadica cultivator in operation

Cultivator benefits


The main feature of Tornadica tools is their uniqueness. The design of our tools allows you to evenly distribute the load on your arms, back, shoulders and legs, saving your back from any damage.


Each Tornadica tool is hand made of high-strength metal and steel, providing high quality and durability.

Subsoil tillage

The undeniable advantage of using Tornadica tools is the ability to plow subsoil without disturbing the soil structure.

The tests conducted showed that labor productivity increases by 3-5 times when using Tornadica cultivator in comparison with a common shovel.

An experiment was conducted: a man with a shovel and a woman with the cultivator had to dig up equal areas of land. As a result, the woman spent three times less time working!


Gross weight
0.9 kg
87-95 cm adjustable for height
Supplier Code
EAN 13 Code

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