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Benefits of Tornadica tools


The main feature of Tornadica tools is their uniqueness. The design of our tools allows you to evenly distribute the load on your arms, back, shoulders and legs, saving your back from any damage.


Each Tornadica tool is hand made of high-strength metal and steel, providing high quality and durability

Subsoil tillage

The undeniable advantage of using Tornadica tools is the ability to plow subsoil without disturbing the soil structure.

We provide
innovative tools since 2000

Some facts about our company


21 years of experience

For over 21 years we have been developing, selling and optimizing gardening equipment to ease gardener’s work.

130 employees

The company employs over 130 workers: engineers, mechanics, managers. They are all professionals and experts in their field.


20 purchasing countries

Our products are purchased by more than 20 countries around the world. This fact confirms its quality and relevance.

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One of the priority directions of development of Intermetall Company LLC is a wholesale. For this purpose, a department was established for working with the wholesale buyers: retail stores, individual entrepreneurs and corporate clients.

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