Super garden auger

Often work at a garden or a building site isn’t possible without garden hand auger. It has a wide range of usage, from making pits for the fence posts to planting young trees and shrubs. With our Garden auger, all this can be done in a matter of minutes, without disturbing soil density.

To invent this tool, we used our Tornadica hand cultivator. We took it as a basis and joined it together with a standard ground auger. As a result, we created an amazing garden auger with best possible advantages.

The most important feature is the increased drilling speed compared to a standard auger. The guide teeth allow the tool to go into any soil, even soil clogged with construction debris, stones or gravel and densely overgrown with grass. Higher performance and fewer labor costs, this is what makes Tornadica Super Garden Auger better than ordinary earth augers.

The folding design of the tool makes it convenient for storage and transportation.

The auger consists of a working part and an extended handle. The working part is hand-forged and heat-treated steel spiral teeth. The teeth are additionally connected with metal plates to facilitate extracting soil from the pits. The drilling diameter of the working part is 20 cm.

T-shaped handle extenders are made of lightweight steel pipe. They allow you to adjust the depth of drilling up to 1.2 meters.


Standard drilling depth
1.2 m
Pit diameter
200 mm
Gross weight
3.1 kg
Net weight
2.6 kg
110-125 cm
Package size
60х20х20 cm
Supplier Code
EAN 13 Code


  • Work time reduced
  • Handmade, gaining higher quality and longer service life
  • One of 100 best Russian tools, according to the competition "100 best goods of Russia"

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