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Dear Vladimir Mikhaylovich! I want to express my gratitude to you for the fact that you disinterestedly satisfied my request having responded to the call of my soul and sent me the components to my Tornadica cultivator. Your gift coincided with my 75th birthday. Now I'll wait for spring with Tornadica, and I'll go out to the garden with a stool. I wrote that I cannot walk, but I do everything sitting. I wish you health, prosperity of your business and all the best. P.S. The parcel was sent by you to my neighbor's address since I cannot walk.

Lyudmila Afanasyevna

Hi! I have already been using Tornadica hand cultivator for two years. For me, it became a good alternative to a shovel and a hoe. Using Tornadica cultivator, I easily cultivate the soil in the spring for sowing, and if necessary I clean the plot of weeds. Since Tornadica cultivator can be adjusted in size and height, I work not bending at no load to the lower back. Thanks to this I can work on my plot for as long as I like, without bending down which is very important. When I come home from the country, my back does not hurt, as it was before without Tornadica cultivator. I would like to note one more advantage of Tornadica cultivator – it is easily disassembled and assembled. It almost does not occupy space in disassembled position at my small dacha. This thing is convenient and necessary. I'm happy with the purchase! I advise it to everyone! I would also like to express my gratitude for the prompt delivery. I ordered it by phone, and a week later the parcel arrived. Thank you!

Anna Pavlovna

Using Tornadica cultivator, you dramatically reduce your own labor costs, this is proven. My colleagues tried Tornadica on heavy soils and flower beds and were pleasantly surprised on the ease of work.

Mikhail Nechayev, Associate Professor, Department of Plant Production, Bryansk Agricultural Academy

To say frankly, for my years (I'm 69), an unusual cultivator has become a godsend. Soil cultivation is one of the most labor-intensive operations in the country. For a high yield, the soil should be dug twice a year, loosened, remove the roots of weeds, and weed out sprouts. Where to take so much energy? Tornadica made my cares very easy. It does not require spare parts. Its teeth are made of hardened steel, they do not rust and do not blunt. It is easily dismantled into three parts for transportation. And the price is affordable – less than a thousand rubles. It can replace the pitchforks if necessary.

Ivan Peregudov, pensioner

I use Tornadica for the second year. I dug the whole plot this fall (with a vertebral hernia). The thing is useful. Although it does not completely replace the shovel, but it is necessary as an auxiliary tool. I have complaints: when assembling, I managed to hit one screw into the hole only using a hammer. And I had to pick another screw. The holes were not exactly opposite to each other. Wishes: to additionally produce a replaceable tip of smaller diameter and sell separately in the expanded set.

Mariya Georgiyevna

Honestly, I work at the dacha to a large extent because of my mother. She is convinced that one should eat potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage without "chemicals". And full environmental control can now be provided on your own plot only. I love her, do not want to upset her, so I maintain a plot that, under other circumstances, probably would be sown with grass to make a lawn. For the first time, I saw the unusual cultivator in the hands of neighbors. I saw how they handle Tornadica. And I understood: that was what I need. It is interesting that unlike the usual hoe, the not just the shoulders and back are loaded but the whole body. The handle is long, so you may not bend and loosen the soil with a straight back. And working with the cultivator, I even overtook the neighbor with his shovel when we had such a funny contest.

Tamara Glebova, Manager

The day before yesterday, I bought Tornadica cultivator-root extractor. I mastered this good thing rather quickly. But I upgraded it on the second day – screwed the vertical handle from the braid to the right handle on the tip. Yesterday and today it became much easier, I have cultivated much area – we have a territory of 15 hundred square metres... I am the only one digger left. After the first day, I felt the muscles of the forearms – the hands work horizontally – not quite comfortable, and using the vertical grip (like a boxer), it is much easier to turn, push and pull the handles. The soil is heavy this year – with a thick crust, I did not cultivate it from the autumn. Maybe my advice will come in handy. Thank you for the tool! Now I'm planning to buy Tornadica Mini to my spouse (so that she worked with the straight back) and potato digger for me. Thank you, the relief is great.

Andrey Bezuglov

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