Wholesale supply

One of our main priorities is to increase our cooperation with wholesale buyers. Therefore, we have established a new department for working with the retail stores, individual entrepreneurs as well as corporate clients.

Benefits of working with us


Work directly with the manufacturer of the tool

No need to buy from resellers. Working with us will get you the best possible prices, additional discounts, and no extra charges. Also, you can be 100% sure of the quality of our tools, as we are responsible for checking them on defects before shipping.

Delivery management

It’s up to our customers to decide on the transport company to ship their purchase. Also, the customer can provide his own transport or we will happily assist in finding a proper shipper for your order. We promptly make a customs clearance.

Operational information support

We are pleased to provide information support to our wholesale customers and answer any questions relating to our products. Also, we would be happy to receive feedback on Tornadica Tools to make them even better.

Seasonal promotions

You can always count on an additional discount depending on the number of tools you order.

Dear Sirs,

We appreciate your interest in Tornadica products. 
We are happy to meet new partners from across the world and we are ready to provide you with all the necessary information regarding our Tornadica™ tools as:  

  • Wholesale prices
  • Terms of delivery and Payment
  • Products description
  • Product sizes, Product weights
  • Photos and Videos

All Tornadica™ tools have a service guarantees, if used for their intended purpose. 

If you want to upgrade or expand the range of your tools by adding TORNADICA™ product to it, please fill out the form below. We will answer shortly.

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We are ready to offer a flexible system of discounts.
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