We invite dealers to cooperate in selling unique TM Tornadica garden hand tools

Intermetall Company LLC is the only company in Russia specializing in the production of hand forged garden tools under the internationally registered Tornadica trademark. Being made of special steel, Tornadica tools for garden work in exclusive packaging have become the best gift for a gardener or a farmer. Numerous patents and gold medals received at trade shows is the proof of rising interest in our developments.

Brief facts about our company

Our Team

Vladimir M. Shuravko


Iurii N. Platonenkov

Chief superintendent engineer

Ievgenii A. Gromskyi

Head of Sales

Olga V. Maximova


Vera S. Kliueva

General accounting executive


Offer for inventors

For several years, LLC Intermetall Company LLC has been engaged in the mass manufacturing of inventions that for some reason have not been put into production.
It is widely known that there are lots of difficulties through the cycle of the invention to mass commercialization. Sometimes they are rather serious, including searching for production capacity, cash, as well as the human factor.
Contact us and we will take care of these issues. Our logistics department will accurately calculate the potential of your invention from a commercial point of view.
Please note, that all negotiations shall be conducted only in the presence of a working prototype. After the license agreement, the inventor shall receive a part of the profits from the introduction into mass production.