Tornadica Hand Cultivator

TORNADICA hand cultivator and root puller is perhaps the most successful invention for tillage and large weeds removal. It is used in the garden, vegetable garden, greenhouse or on any other garden plot that you want to improve.
TORNADICA cultivator and root puller is used in the garden, vegetable garden, greenhouse, on any garden plot that you want to improve.
With this tool, you can easily:
  • Loosen the soil of any density;
  • Remove weeds of any size;
  • Evenly enrich the soil with oxygen and moisture;
  • Loosen soil at tree trunks areas;
  • Prepare a spot for planting your plants;
  • Cultivate and weed out an abandoned area.
TORNADICA cultivator allows you ease the load on your back. You will not feel tired anymore and will be able to work much more efficiently than with a shovel since you do not need to bend over. This is also very important for senior people and people with chronic back pain.

Working with TORNADIСA tools is a great pleasure!

To start using the tool first, adjust it to your height. This step is very important because you should feel comfortable while using the cultivator. Place it vertically into the ground, hold both sides of the handle and with a twist put the cultivator into a depth of 20 cm. Loosen the soil, wrap around and remove weeds along with roots at the same time. Easily extract the tool from loose soil. Continue working in the same way.

The cultivator is very easy to use and it will take you only ten minutes to understand the tool and experience all its advantages.

TORNADICA cultivator and root puller has won many awards and received many diplomas. But most important for us are the recognition and love of gardeners.


Tornadica hand cultivator consists of a hand-forged and quenched spiral teeth made of structural steel. Due to this, the teeth of the working body become of high strength and usage durability. The diameter of the working body is 20 cm, the diameter of the tillage is 25-30 cm.

The cultivator lever consists of a steel light-weight pipe that can be adjusted to three positions according to the height of a user (from 1.50 m to 1.85 m), and a handle that has a proportional geometric curve as of geometry of the working teeth.

This allows pressing the cultivator into a depth of 20 cm with a single twist, simultaneously loosening the soil, wrapping around and removing weeds along with roots.

The cultivator is lightweight, only 2 kg. It has a modular design for easy storage and transportation.

BENEFITS of TORNADICA cultivator and root puller:
  1. Effective saving of time (Using a shovel takes 6 moves, using a Tornadica cultivator takes only 2 moves)
  2. Straight back (No pressure on the spine)
  3. Time for processing the site is reduced by 4 times
  4. Extraction of weeds along with their roots (Due to the special geometry of the teeth, the roots of the weeds are unscrewed from the soil, not cut, as happens when using a shovel)
  5. Tillage method is based on subsoil tillage, without overturning. It helps to increase in fertility by keeping the microorganisms at the correct aerobic level of their habitat in the soil, not disturbing the fertile layer which results in:
    • preservation and enhancement of organic in the upper fertile layer of the soil;
    • reduction of labor costs in the process of growing plants;
    • increase in the biological activity of the soil and fertility due to a decrease in wind and water erosion;
    • no need for fertilizer application to the soil which results in obtaining an environmentally friendly and safe harvest;
    • reduction of financial costs.
  6. The hand-forged method provides higher quality and longer durability.

The cultivator received a diploma of the All-Russian competition "100 best goods of Russia".

Tornadica cultivator can be used anywhere in your garden or any other land areas that you want to improve.

Tornadica cultivator can be used in the gardens, greenhouse, as well as in any garden plots that you want to improve.

Hand Tornadica cultivator in operation

Cultivator benefits


The main feature of Tornadica tools is their uniqueness. The design of our tools allows you to evenly distribute the load on your arms, back, shoulders and legs, saving your back from any damage


Each Tornadica tool is hand made of high-strength metal and steel, providing high quality and durability.

Subsoil tillage

The undeniable advantage of using Tornadica tools is the ability to plow subsoil without disturbing the soil structure.

We conducted an experiment that proved that using the Tornadica cultivator increases labor productivity from 3 to 5 times compared to a conventional shovel.

A man with a shovel and a woman with a cultivator had to dig up equal areas of land. As a result, the woman spent three times less time doing the same work.


Weight gross
2.4 kg
84-105 cm - adjustable for height
Packing size
60х20х20 cm
Supplier Code
EAN 13 Code

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