Tornadica Potato Digger

What is the most difficult work in your field? Of course, it’s digging up potatoes.
Based on the well-proven Tornadica hand cultivator, we have developed Tornadica potato digger. Tests have proven that with our tool you dig up potatoes much easier and faster. During the development we have made few important inventions, this is confirmed by patents.
We have received numerous positive reviews and feedbacks by grateful people, who claim that the routine process of digging up potatoes has become faster and even fun.

How does it work?

How to use: press the tool down into the ground, parallel to the bed and turn around the axis making the teeth of the tool go into the soil under the potato bush, then throw the tubers to the surface.

Lots of good reviews proved that digging up potatoes is not a difficult burden anymore.

The hand potato digger consists of a working part, parallel spiral teeth, and a guide part. The teeth are very durable, they are hand made of 45 hardened structural steel. The width of the grab is 25 cm.

The curved handle is made of light-steel pipe, adjustable to 3 height positions, from 1.50 m to 1.85 m. The handle is made in the shape to corresponding to the curve of the working part to ensure your back’s safety.

During harvest, our potato digger simultaneously treats the soil, therefore, it does not need any additional processing.


  • Easy dig up potatoes with one move
  • Work without bending down (no load on the spine)
  • Potatoes harvest time is reduced by 4 times
  • The working part of the tool is handmade (Long service life of the product)
Gross weight
3.0 kg
Nett weight
2.4 kg
90-100 cm - adjustable for height
Package size
61х32х11 cm
Supplier Code
EAN 13 Code

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