Tornadica Ergonomic Shovel (metal bucket)

Tornadica shovel continues the tradition of a tool reducing load on the waist.
Transportation of bulk materials causes a lot of trouble to our back: lower back pain, fatigue, and up to a spinal injury.
Ergonomic Tornado shovel - will save You from these risks and inconveniences!
It is the only and unique development of this kind.
Thanks to the specially developed bend of the shaft, it is possible now to relieve the waist off the load, due to the lack of the need to tilt while working with the ergonomic Tornadica shovel. The load is distributed more evenly throughout the body without concentrating in one place - the waist!
Patented handle geometry allows working straight without bending down and maximizing the efficiency factor without harm to the back.
Using our tool at home, You increase Your productivity and remove the risks of damage to the back and spine.
Efficiency and all the advantages of an ergonomic shovel Tornadica is already appreciated by many elderly people whit weak or injured back.

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